Volodymyr Androshchuk Doctor of Divinity, pastor, founder of Public Organization “Heavens”

The church on earth plays an exclusive role: it is the God’s channel of blessing for the nations and, at the same time, it is protection for everything that surrounds it. The church, in full understanding of the word, is called to preserve society from poverty and global shocks. Where the people turned away from God, there always occurred moral decay, famine, poverty, wars…

One can safely assert that the history of Church is not the history of these or those religious organizations, with their intrigues, oppositions, fight for domination and prevalence of their doctrine.

The doctrine of Heavens CC is built strictly on the biblical basis and doesn’t take into account religious practices, retellings and traditions, though it respects the sovereign right of representatives of other church communities to follow their beliefs and principles. In their activity members of the Church which is the main component of Heavens Christian Center target all social groups and population segments, with love and peace they freely overstep the confessional borders, focusing attention on the inter-confessional character of the Good News. The church sees a way to peacekeeping and mutual understanding between Christians and to smoothing down of inter-confessional contradictions in general return to the bases of the Apostolic Church, with all the fullness of its spiritual and material principles, with a scope for domination of the Holy Spirit, through mediation of His holy gifts. Both the pastor, and church members consider that nowadays, in the time of religious divisions and crushing of confessional formations, the name of Christian is sufficient to define his confessional membership and the naming of the church by the word “Christian” is sufficient to bring the Good News about God’s Kingdom and to establish a really Christian way of life everywhere in our society that is already tormented and divided into groups.