“A Happy family” Holiday


“A Happy Family” Holiday in the City of Lanovtsy in Ternopolshchina

The photo report of “A Happy Family” holiday in Lanovtsy May 21-22, 2016

There was the real Divine atmosphere in the city. First of all it should be noted that the pouring rains stopped on the holiday’s eve on Friday. On Saturday morning the sky was lit up by warm sun-rays. And yet again God had testified His goodwill towards those who honor Him.

The organizers of this action were Christian churches of Lanovtsy city. The holiday’s motto was the statement “Without a family and a kin there is neither nation nor people”, and its purpose was the honoring of family as the highest public institute created by God for person’s wellbeing.

The official part of the holiday started with the general prayer of priests of different churches of the city. Then the people rejoiced at the songs of Heavens singing band and a solo performance of Victoria Mikhalchuk from Lvov. In conclusion of the concert part all in attendance at the holiday were delighted with the show of a youth flash mob. And the celebration began. A bicycle race with participation of the Before the Wind club of active recreation, children’s drawings on the asphalt pavement, trampolines, family photo shoots – all this was only the beginning of the holiday. On the festive square of the city there was an exhibition of operational vehicles with their staff: a Shrek troop landing craft from Lvov military unit, a patrol group of new police from Ternopol, a fire-engine and an ambulance from Lanovtsy. To describe this, one will lack even the chosen words. Everyone could take photos, the police drove children along the square with their flashing indicators and a siren switched on, firefighters and physicians demonstrated their professional skills. Unexpectedly for all there emerged among the crowd the “If…” MIM-theater of living statues from Ivano-Frankovsk as a Ukrainian Cossack and an English king.

An unsurpassed action of this holiday was a free lunch for all the present. Hundreds of people savored borsch, solyanka, pottage, potatoes boiled in their jackets, salad, and tea. All this was cooked by The Kazatsko Desantny Kosh of Ternopol organization from the products offered by parishioners of different churches and businessmen. There has never been such an event at our place before. The Cossacks also showed their smithy and an exhibition of various weapon of different times. The first day of the holiday began to decline. The city square was filled with children, youth and families. All anticipated the performance of a fiery show of The Semargl theater from Ternopol.

That was really a breath-taking spectacle. The theater professionals showed their abilities to dominate over fire. And in the end, while it was night already, there was a movie viewing in the open air.

The second day of the holiday, on Sunday, as well began with The Our Father general prayer performed by Heavens singing band and priests of the city. Afterwards there took place a foot march along the city streets as a demonstration in support of a traditional Christian family and family values. The column was headed by a group of drummers and the brass band from the village of Yuskovtsy, Lanovetsky district. An important act in the holiday’s program was honoring of the married couples which had lived in one marriage for 50 and more years.

Each couple had again the honor of standing under a wedding arch on the embroidered wedding cloth and of receiving respect from all the people present at the holiday. After greetings the blessing transfer ceremony had taken place. One of the oldest married couples had transferred to a young family the Bible as a symbol of generations relay, having noted at this that that Book was the basis of family happiness.

The final part of the holiday was the concert of a singing group of seminarists of Patriarch J.Slipyj Ternopol highest theological seminary.

Songs on a family subject, T. Shevchenko’s testament and, to conclude with, The Our Father prayer were unsurpassed masterpieces of vocal performance.

That is what kind of a family holiday we had in our city!