Thanks to the Together for Ukraine Foundation, the firefighters of Ternopil region have again received fire aid amounting to more than a million hryvnias. This time, there have arrived fire-fighting suits, helmets, boots, and masks. Lanivtsi fire department was the first to receive part of the aid: 5 fire helmets, 10 pairs of boots, 4 sets of uniforms, 14 masks, and a radioset extender. The local fire brigade of Velyki Dederkaly village, that is in Shumshchina (JC), received 5 sets of uniforms, 3 pairs of boots, and 5 masks. And the 16th state fire and rescue department of Shumsk city got 18 pairs of bunker pants, 16 bunker coats, and 11 masks.лановецькі-вогнеборці-отримали-цінн/


For several years Heavens CC has been helping the crash rescue and fire fighting service in Lanovetsky area with purchasing of medicines. Recently there have been also purchased and presented fire hoses from the Austrian manufacturer.

Within the framework of the project Humanitarian Assistance for Firemen of Ukraine, thanks to the project coordinator David Androschuk and his cooperation with the American organization Together for Ukraine, Lanovechchyna firefighters have received today 7 sets of equipment (jackets, trousers), 20 trousers, and a helmet. “I think this is the first stage of our cooperation,” David said. “We will be looking for ways of more global assistance to our firefighters. But I am very pleased with this first opportunity, because in order to receive it, I’ve written over 250 emails to 10 countries of the world. The response from the US was very pleasing to me.” The young man was congratulated by the chairman of the district administration Julian Sirant: “I am truly glad that there are such successful young people in Lanovtsy who want to help their hometown. This example reaffirms the thesis that the door is opened to the one who knocks. David’s perseverance, his ability to achieve the goal deserve respect.” By the way, David is a young European ambassador from Ukraine in the European Union project EU Neighbors East. Head of the Lanovetsky district department of the Ternopil region’s Main Department of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine Taras Popenko also expressed his gratitude for help and attention.