Honoring the Lord’s day


T H E     A P P E A L

Dear inhabitants of Lanovechchina!

The priests of all religious communities operating on the territory of Lanovtsy city and Lanovetsky area address you with respect.

Considering that Ukraine is a Christian state, and generally all our people profess Christian faith, we as spiritual ministers have united in order to resolve with combined efforts those issues which are essentially important for our life from the point of view of the God’s Word and observing of Christian virtues.

We all should make considerable efforts to cultivate in ourselves respect for the God’s Word including religious, family and national values, which, in their turn, are an important component of our culture.

One of such topical issues is the functioning of a market in the city of Lanovtsy. Historically for many decades trading has been done in our district town mainly from the central market’s territory and along Grushevsky street particularly on Sunday. And one of the Ten God’s Commandments states: “Remember the Lord’s day”. For us, Christians, Sunday is this day. It’s written in the Bible that one should “render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”.

Six days to work, and the seventh should be devoted to rest and praising of God. That day it is important to pray without any fuss, to make the analysis of the past week, to attend the church, to stay together with one’s family and so forth. The church has always been, is and will be “The light and salt for society”. Therefore, our responsibility before God is to do our best to practically implement those precious Christian values into all the spheres of our life. Today it is probably that only means which can keep our people from apostasy and its complete degradation.

At the same time, we want to emphasize that we don’t oppose trade business, on the contrary, we pray for all entrepreneurs that God may give them His protection, wisdom and development. But we wish that thirst for money didn’t muffle a soul’s need for spiritual enrichment. Because everything starts, as a rule, with satisfying of small requirements, and when there is no sense of measure, greediness is born. It is not that difficult to check this, one has only to ask himself: am I ready to sacrifice one day to God, to my family and lastly, to myself to renew spiritually?

We believe that you are rather conscious Christians and you won’t stay away from the solving of this important issue concerning transferring of the market from Sunday to any other day of the week. We hope for your support and unindifference. Only being all together in mutual understanding, we will be able to achieve the intended purpose. Thus, going step by step, following the rules the Holy Scriptures, we will achieve the better results in our life, and in general, in the country. For it is written in the God’s Word:

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD”.

(All the priests of Lanovetsky area have signed under this statement.)

With combined efforts of priests, the questioning has been carried out, in which 8500 residents of Lanovetsky area supported the idea of transferring a market day from Sunday to another day of the week. At the same time public hearings were carried out, tens of different meetings with public agents took place, during which they were expressing their full support, but when it came to adopting that decision by deputies of Lanovetsky City Council, the question failed. Unfortunately, there was a double game.

 We haven’t yet reached the desired results as to honoring the Lord’s Day, but this movement has promoted consolidation of priests of different faiths into even more powerful force.

 We believe that the initiated movement will achieve its goal!