From 7 to 12 May this year, a charitable medical and social action Health of Lanovechchyna has taken place in Verbovets village, Lanivtsi district, Ternopil region. Doctors from the USA, Australia, Ukraine, as well as interpreters and volunteers were involved in the work. During five days of work, more than 1500 people were examined by health professionals. In addition, every day in the village and in the nearby 11 villages, visiting groups of doctors and sisters of mercy served bedridden invalids and elderly people. Dozens of families received grocery packages. The team also had a chaplain who helped ATO participants while visiting a doctor.
In the framework of that charity project, one day there was held a football tournament between teams from different villages with the cup drawing. Also, in one of the evenings, Holiday for Children was organized with participation of Heavens’ dance and children’s groups and YoHurt Children’s Entertainment Park from Ternopil. I would like to particularly note the special atmosphere of hospitality of Verbovets inhabitants. All 95 guests stayed in private households of those villagers. The action was not without participation of the rural brass band. It was incredibly touching!
Heavens Public Center expresses its gratitude to Vitalii and Natalia Smoliny as leaders of The Open Doors Foundation International Charitable Fund, thanks to whom that action has become possible, Medical Clinic on Wheels, the Wagons of Mercy of Ukraine ministry (stomatology), as well as to all volunteers and local organizers. In unity there is our great strength!