Medical Clinic on Wheels


From July 29 to August 9, the medico-social action Medical Clinic on Wheels was held in Lanivtsi. It was a joint project of the NGO Heavens Community Center and ICF Gift of Life. In specially equipped buses, they offered children free dental and pediatric services, such as professional medical examination and diagnosis (including ECG), blood glucose / hemoglobin test, vision and hearing screening, electrocardiogram, dermatoscopy, as well as fluoridation, treatment, and extraction of teeth.
During ten days of work, 270 children visited doctors.
Special thanks for the organization of the event are extended to the staff of the Heavens Community Center, who took care of the nutrition of doctors, bus maintenance, security and order, registration and provision of patients and so on.
We also had the privilege of receiving special guests, namely the top executives of that clinic from the United States which had its branches in Europe as well.
That was a good time for good deeds.