Our contribution into social and economic development of the city

  • The sidewalks and the neighboring house’s adjoining territory have been cobbled with stone blocks – 400 sq.m.
  • The city water supply system has been replaced with the new one – 90 running meters.
  • Three sewer wells have been constructed and 100 running meters of the general city sewerage have been cleaned.
  • 40 flower beds have been laid out.
  • Improvement of the house adjoining territory has been carried out, namely 520 sq.m. of stone blocks have been cobbled and 30 running meters of a retaining wall with a fence of concrete rail-posts have been erected.
  • 4 street lamps which in the evening and at night time light up a considerable part of Shkolnaya Street have been put up.
  • The bulletin board near the district culture palace has been mounted.
  • The “Make No Nuisance” signs have been set up at the pond’s embankment.
  • The inventory count of all 16 objects of cultural heritage (history) on the territory of Lanovtsy City Council has been carried out. There have been made up the passports and expert and cash assessment of the objects of cultural heritage (1. Jewish cemetery; 2. Jewish memorial; 3. The monument to the Declaration to Lanovtsy city, while the already existing passports for some other objects have been found again). All these documents are officially transferred for storage to Lanovtsy City Council.
  • Constant cleaning of the territory of Jewish cemetery and the memorial is conducted. We have as well in our charge the monument of the Declaration to the city with its adjoining territory.