Prayer rooms

If God answered your prayer, share it with others. Let your testimony become encouragement for those who are still awaiting the answer from Him.

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  1. Svitlana

    I want to thank God for healing my daughter. The disease began with a slight increase of temperature, and then reflexes in her limbs gradually began to disappear. Doctors couldn’t make the diagnosis. Marichka’s condition worsened every day. Her right hand and both legs were paralyzed, and reflexes on her stomach began to disappear as well. The child almost didn’t move and was in the intensive care unit. At that time the church prayed strenuously. And the disease retreated. Marichka then felt much better, her movements began to restore. At the time we were discharged from hospital, the child could already sit for several minutes. A month later we went to the hospital for consultation. Doctors were very surprised when Marichka ran into an office. The manageress said: “It is obvious that the child has been prayed for, because drugs couldn’t help in such a way”. I give thanks to all who prayed, helped and supported. And the greatest gratitude and praise is to the Lord Who hears prayers and performs miracles.

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